Why is a dream board is crit­i­cal to your joy today and tomor­row!

Anoth­er review by the Los Ange­les Times demon­strates today that Hap­pi­ness depends on 50 per­cent hered­i­tary qual­i­ties, 40 per­cent expec­ta­tion and 10 per­cent con­di­tions. Wow that is some­what aston­ish­ing when a great many peo­ple say that they are glad or despon­dent in light of life’s con­di­tions. That is the place the mak­ing of a Vision Board can tru­ly be crit­i­cal to your bliss today and tomor­row. Why?

A) By mak­ing a Vision Board you dis­charge past mold­ing and open your inter­nal iden­ti­ty to new open doors — like being glad.

B) Be cer­tain to incor­po­rate Hap­pi­ness as one of your “expec­ta­tions” or ‘aims on your Vision Board. Such a large num­ber of indi­vid­u­als sim­ply put stuff like Dia­monds and Cars and Hous­es that many over­look that gen­uine feel­ings of seren­i­ty and bliss are PRICELESS.

C) Search for char­ac­ter­iz­ing pic­tures — pic­tures that “rever­ber­ate” sat­is­fac­tion to you — it may be a dawn or a night­fall or a pho­to of you on a peak. For me it’s a pho­to of me before the Great Hall of Chi­na — in the event that I can arrive from the lodg­ing ven­tures of Cleve­land — I can go any­place! Post these pic­tures on your Vision Board- — as of now have a board — include these pic­tures with paste tape or even only a thumb­tack.

D) Clone your Vision Board — yes don’t sim­ply post it in a back store­room — bring it out where you can see it and bed beyond any doubt to make dupli­cates of it that you can use as com­put­er­ized screen­savers and per­haps on a key­chain fas­ten. One of my cus­tomers even uses her Vision Board as the “skin” for her portable work­sta­tion!

E) Do things that help you be cheer­ful — you know be a child again — sim­ply ahead and have a frozen treat, skip down the road , go swing in the recre­ation cen­ter, wear your ridicu­lous shad­ing socks or even criss­crossed socks — all things con­sid­ered in the event that it makes you glad and coun­ters any ter­ri­ble qual­i­ties why not!

Con­sid­er mak­ing a sat­is­fac­tion board! It joins the stan­dards of sim­ply giv­ing up and being glad regard­less of what is going on in your life and the world with the ben­e­fit of mak­ing a dream board. A bliss board ought to make you snick­er or laugh or grin. It can have ridicu­lous stuff on it or it can sim­ply have a pho­to of cats on it — if that is the thing that makes you upbeat. This is not advanced sci­ence!

Joyce Schwarz is the orga­niz­er of the Cen­ter for Suc­cess­ful Reca­reer­ing and fur­ther­more The Vision Board Insti­tute. She is the cre­ator of THE VISION BOARD: the key to an unprece­dent­ed life which sim­ply hit #1 on the Ama­zon Spir­i­tu­al Best-vender list. “The Vision Board” is dis­trib­uted by Harp­er Collins Pub­lish­ing, Collins Design and ele­ments a 4-shad­ing book, hard-bound with more than 100 shad­ing pic­tures all through. The fore­word for The Vision Board is by Bob Proc­tor and the after­word by Jack Can­field. The book high­lights meet­ings, tips and quotes from more than 75 astute­ness pio­neers and such edu­ca­tors of THE SECRET as: Marie Dia­mond, Bob Doyle, Mike Doo­ley, Lee Brow­er, Dr. Michael Beck­with and obvi­ous­ly Bob Proc­tor and Jack Can­field.