A crazy boyfriend pranks her girl­friend by putting chili pep­per on her thong. How cru­el is that?

Ham­my TV has been exchang­ing pranks with his girl­friend for quite some time.

In his lat­est prank, he rubbed some Satan’s Blood chile extract on his partner’s under­wear before she works out.
The poor woman then wears the rigged thong and goes out­side for a run.
But as she jogs the hot sauce start­ed to take effect and her bum was set on fire!
She tried to pour water on her behind to ease the burn­ing sen­sa­tion but it seems to have got­ten worse and lit­er­al­ly runs toward home to pour milk down her pants.

She then went to the bath­room and out of her frus­tra­tion throws her pants at her boyfriend then lat­er asked for the box milk.